Making A Murderer

making a murderer

Hey, so what’s one more review?

I’ll admit, after watching Making A Murderer, I was outraged just like everyone else, “That poor man being jumped on by The Man” was running through my mind. That first trial was a complete joke, and he should’ve gotten all the money the courts would allow. But…that doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing happened in the 2nd trial. I highly recommend reading this wonderful piece by Jessica McBride at, but here’s the cliff’s notes version:

  1. Leg irons and handcuffs were found in Avery’s residence and in Dassey’s
  2. Avery and his girlfriend had a less than rosy relationship at times
  3. The car key unearthed in Avery’s residence had DNA from his sweat on it
  4. Dassey’s mother said Dassey helped Avery clean his garage floor
  5. Pornography was recovered in Avery’s residence
  6. The previous animal cruelty case involved a bonfire
  7. Avery had drawn a torture chamber while in prison and was violent to other women
  8. Avery once opened his door “just wearing a towel” when Halbach went to his property previously
  9. Avery called Auto Trader to specifically request Halbach the day she died
  10. Avery called Halbach’s cell phone three times, twice using the Star-67 feature to hide his identity
  11. Avery gave a false name when he called Auto Trader
  12. The burnt bone fragments were mixed with steel tire belts
  13. Avery’s blood was found in six places in the Halbach vehicle, and DNA from his sweat was found on a hood latch
  14. Avery’s rifle matched the bullet with the Halbach DNA on it

Personally, numbers 2, 4 and 5 don’t hold that much water with me. #2 and 4 were third party observations, and #5 isn’t a crime. Even without those numbers though, I think I can see why the jury would still come back with a “guilty” verdict.

The one guy I feel bad for in all of this is Brendan Dassey. I think he either got pulled into this by Steven Avery, OR gave a coerced confession because of the tactics by the police when they were interviewing him. Either way – when combined with his idiot lawyer Len Kachinsky basically selling him out to help the prosecutor in the Avery case – no way should he have been convicted. At the very least, he should’ve been given a new trial.

The show was definitely told from the point of view of the defense. It’s their job to present reasonable doubt, and this is certainly an interesting theory, but with the evidence showed…that’s an awful lot of evidence both Calumet and Manitowoc County law enforcement would’ve had to plant, and I don’t buy it. In these instances, usually the most obvious answer is the correct answer.

“Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach” is the most obvious answer.