Garbage Can vs Dog

My dad and his brothers were outside one day, and they had the family dog Buddha (a lhasa apso) outside with them. So that he wouldn’t run away, they tied him to the garbage can. Not just a kitchen garbage can, but one of those old school enormous metal ones. Buddha is doing what dogs do and sniffing around and something was juuuuuust outside his sniffing range, and he’s straining against the leash and the garbage can…and it moves with a loud *SCRRRAAAPPPPEEE*, startling him. After making sure the noise wasn’t something about to eat him, he continued his sniffing and straining, just a little more warily. *SCRRRAAAPPEEE* even louder, causing Buddha to jump…causing the garbage can to fall over, scaring Buddha and making him take off down the driveway, with the garbage can clanging and banging behind him.

To try to get away, Buddha took a sharp turn to the right around a hedge. The leash caught the bush just right that the garbage can swung around the other side, ending up directly in front of the dog. Knowing he was done for, Buddha just cowered in front of the opening of the garbage can.

Ellen is yelling from the porch at her brothers to help the poor dog, but they were temporarily incapacitated, rolling on the ground and laughing so hard no noise was coming out of them.

Eventually, they recovered and untied the poor dog from the garbage can, and future generations of Tesches have a tremendous story!