About this site

Welcome to jasonrtesch.com, home of web nerd, Disney afficionado and barbershop music lover Jason Tesch. It would be JasonTesch.com, but that site has been owned (and unused) for about 5 years now, and I’ve given up hope of ever getting it. This site is a self-managed WordPress installation using a slightly customized version of the Penscratch theme. This site is meant to house my own thoughts and other things I want to keep around, as well as space to promote my web design work.

About Jason Tesch

Jason Tesch

Random Trivia

  • Huge fan of Barbershop music, but I’ll like pretty much any song with harmonies
  • Lots of different Christmas music. Starts playing on November 1st and ends on December 27th (Tesch Christmas is on the 26th).
  • I’ve been to at least one Packers game every year since 1998